Whole Life Yoga Teacher Training (200hr)

Offered by Tracy Weber in partnership with Whole Life Yoga Studio

About Whole Life Yoga Teacher Training

Deepen Your Yoga Practice While Learning to Help Others

Do you believe that yoga is more than exercise? Has it transformed your life? Would you like to use the ancient tools of asana (postures), pranayama (breath work), and meditation to help others?

If so, Whole Life Yoga Teacher Training may be for you! This 200-hour program (registered with Yoga Alliance) utilizes a multifaceted approach of weekly classes, monthly clinics, observation, private instruction, and independent study. We also include ample teaching practice, both in our teacher training classes and out in the community.

Students in Whole Life Yoga Teacher Training learn to:

  • Build a grounded and well-balanced personal yoga practice.
  • Apply yoga philosophy to their own lives.
  • Adapt yoga poses to individual students using modern anatomy principles and ancient yoga teachings.
  • Design multi-level group classes using the full breadth of yoga tools, including asana, pranayama, and meditation.
  • Teach individuals and group classes safely and effectively.

Yoga is also about sangha (community). We focus on creating a supportive community of friends who share a deep love of yoga. Many of our graduates stay in close contact with their teacher training classmates for many years to come.

Whole Life Yoga Teacher Training is appropriate for:

  • Yoga students of any age, yoga experience, or fitness level who want to deepen their yoga practice.
  • Dedicated yoga practitioners who would like to teach at yoga studios, health clubs, community centers, and other venues.
  • Health care practitioners interested in integrating the healing aspects of yoga into their practice.
  • Experienced yoga teachers who want to learn the Viniyoga methodology of customizing yoga to the needs of individual students.

Please review our school catalog for more information:

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What Makes Whole Life Yoga Teacher Training Special?

Seattle is blessed with a wide variety of yoga teacher training programs. Choosing the right training for your specific goals can be a challenge. Our program is, in many ways, unique.

Whole Life Yoga’s Teacher Training stands out from other Seattle-area trainings in several key ways.

  • Physical Adaptability: Our training program is designed to be accessible to all ages, body types, and experience levels. We invite fit, experienced yogis to attend, and we also embrace newer yogis and those with physical limitations and chronic conditions. Viniyoga is appropriate for Olympic-level athletes, weekend warriors, and relative couch potatoes. Our graduates range in age from late teens to late seventies.
  • Practical Structure: Class meets one weekday evening a week and one Sunday a month for almost a year. This structure is specifically designed to meet the needs of working adults and full-time parents. Our “trickle approach” helps students integrate the teachings at a much deeper level than can be achieved in trainings with more compressed timeframes. 
  • Longevity and Experience: The director and primary instructor, Tracy Weber (E-RYT500, C-IAYT) is a certified yoga therapist with fifteen years experience leading yoga teacher trainings. She has certified 200 and 500-hour yoga teachers since 2003.
  • Dedication to a Proven Tradition: Whole Life Yoga Teacher Training is taught exclusively in the Viniyoga tradition. This lineage has been handed down for generations in India and is known for its adaptability and focus on the breath. 
  • Commitment to Student Success: We believe in helping our students succeed, and we understand that life doesn’t always go according to plan. We do everything in our power to help our students learn, grow, and successfully complete the program. We believe in teaching Yoga for Real People ™ to yogis with real lives!
  • Proven Financial Stability: Whole Life Yoga Teacher Training is both registered with Yoga Alliance and licensed as a private career school through the State of Washington. We have passed rigorous tests of business and financial stability, and your tuition is protected by the State of Washington. Simply put, your money is safe with us!

For more information about how to select the right yoga school for you, see this article on six considerations when choosing a yoga teacher training program:

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Program Schedule and Location

Our next training has not been scheduled yet.  Weekly classes generally take place on Mondays from 6:30 – 9:30 pm.  Monthly clinics take place on the 4th Sunday of each month from 12:30 – 5:30 pm.

Monday sessions are held at the Phinney Neighborhood Center at N 67th St. & Phinney Ave N. Sunday workshops are held at Whole Life Yoga on the corner of N 87th St and Greenwood Ave N.

E-mail tracy@tracyweber.net to be added to the list of interested students.

Tuition Costs

We offer several payment plans, and we discount heavily for payment in full. We can accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.

  • 1 payment of $3500 ($300 discount if paid in full by November 30, 2018)
  • 4 equal payments of $950
  • 10 equal payments of $425

Tuition includes:

  • 40 weekly 3-hour training sessions
  • 11 monthly special topic clinics
  • Attendance in 10 group classes at Whole Life Yoga Studio
  • Observation of 10 group classes at Whole Life Yoga Studio
  • 2 private or small group meetings with teacher training staff
  • Teacher training manual, written practices, and all handouts

To Apply

Whole Life Yoga Teacher Training’s program is personalized, and so is our application process. If you’re interested in applying, contact Tracy Weber, the program director, at 206-707-9087, or e-mail her at Tracy@TracyWeber.net. Tracy will arrange a time to meet, discuss your goals, and help you assess whether or not this program is right for you.

About the Instructors

Tracy Weber is a registered yoga teacher (E-RYT-500) through Yoga Alliance and a certified yoga therapist (C-IAYT) through the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Her primary teacher has been Gary Kraftsow, author of the books Yoga for Wellness and Yoga for Transformation. She has taken intensive workshops with other master teachers, including Margaret Pierce, TKV Desikachar, and Joan Borysenko. She also holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master of Business Administration.

Tracy founded Whole Life Yoga in 2000 and created and led her first yoga teacher training program in 2003. Tracy teaches yoga using the Viniyoga methodology. The word "viniyoga" literally translated means "adaptation and proper application." Tracy believes yoga postures should be adapted for each individual practitioner. She infuses her trainings with attitudes of caring and student acceptance, and uses yoga tools to help facilitate growth in all areas of life.

Note: Although Tracy is a registered instructor with Yoga Alliance, her yoga therapist credentials were obtained through the American Viniyoga Institute and the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Yoga Alliance does not certify yoga therapists. For more information on yoga therapist certification, consult the International Association of Yoga Therapists

Joan Schneggenburger is a graduate of Whole Life Yoga's teacher training and is certified at the 500 hour level. Her journey in the Viniyoga lineage began in 2004. She has dedicated herself as lead assistant in both the 200-hour and 300-hour advanced training at the Whole Life Yoga Teacher Training since that time. Learning from Tracy and the students regenerates these teachings continually.

Joan has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2000 and is passionate about anatomy. She has continued to study anatomy via additional cadaver classes, in-depth training on the muscular anatomy as well as Cranial-Sacral, Lymphatic Drainage, and other movement/bodywork modalities.

As the lead teaching assistant in the program, Joan is able to link knowledge of human anatomy and the Viniyoga tradition together. Her anatomy classes will be designed to bring cognitive information through lecture, views of the muscular system, and movement to feel these muscles in action to more fully understand this connection internally.

Kim Tull Esterbrook is a graduate of both the 200-hour and 500-hour teacher training programs at Whole Life Yoga and is the current owner of Whole Life Yoga Studio. Kim uses yoga as a tool to help her know and understand herself and the world more fully. She has found that yoga, as a practice, helps her move with courage and grace through all the beautiful and challenging things she finds through that searching. 

Kim is drawn to the deeper tools of practice, and she tries to infuse her asana classes with the richness of the other limbs of yoga. She is drawn to meditation, myth, and sound. She delights in ritual and play, and feels incredibly blessed that her path has led her to the Viniyoga tradition.

About Viniyoga

The Viniyoga approach is an ancient methodology for customizing yoga practices to individual student needs. This approach has been handed down for centuries in India. In the past 100 years, it has been sustained in India and expanded to Europe and the United States by Krishnamacharya and his son, TKV Desikachar. It has been effectively customized to US audiences through the work of Gary Kraftsow and others in the past 30+ years.

"Viniyoga...is the most highly customized form of yoga. Viniyoga teachers cater stretching positions to individual student needs and abilities. Function is stressed over form, with an emphasis on integrating the flow of movement of the breath with the movement of the spine."

Viniyoga is a highly adaptable, meditative style of yoga that coordinates movement with the breath. It is a uniquely healing form of yoga and can be used by people of all levels and physical abilities, including those with injury, illness, and limited mobility.

About Whole Life Yoga Studio

Located in Seattle Washington, Whole Life Yoga Studio is a community-focused yoga studio. Our goal is to make yoga available and accessible to all people who could benefit from it, not just those with a high level of fitness or flexibility. We focus on yoga as a way to serve an individual's unique physical condition and lifestyle, not as a means of achieving the "perfect" body or posture. At Whole Life Yoga, you'll find a place to unwind, an opportunity to develop your mind and body, while connecting to your heart, and a community of support for healing and growth.

The style of yoga taught at Whole Life is Viniyoga. The Viniyoga approach to yoga is highly adaptable, meditative, and coordinates movement with the breath. This approach is uniquely healing and can be used by people of all levels and physical abilities, including those with limited mobility.

Quotes From Past Students

"After I signed up for the teacher training, I was struck with the fear that it might be too daunting. For me, nothing is further from the truth. It's an intensive, vigorous course, but each week we're discovering the richness of the viniyoga style. Tracy's style of unconditional support gives us the freedom to learn, make mistakes and literally fall down trying. There's no sense of unrealistic expectations, competitiveness or intimidation -- we are all there learning everything we can to become the most knowledgeable and compassionate teachers we can be."  

Ruth Ann

"This training has met all of my expectations. A joyous, fun and comprehensive way of learning the ancient art."


"Yoga Training has been life changing. What was to be health and physically focused has grown to be something so much bigger that affects how I approach each and every day."


"Your presentation of all aspects of viniyoga has been both fun and very interesting. I look forward to class every week."


"I had been searching for a style of Yoga to suit my needs after deciding to get certified as a teacher. I wanted a style that would be geared towards a therapeutic approach to meld into my Massage practice. After searching what was available in Seattle and workshops throughout the nation, "Whole Life Yoga" kept being brought to my attention by various sources. I took the hint and cannot be happier. The program is comprehensive, well thought out, balanced with the anatomy, observation principles, benefit and risk assessment of postures, and the more esoteric Sutra and chanting studies. Tracy is a fabulous teacher, sharing her knowledge selflessly. Her approach is both grounded while letting each student reach for what they need."


"Both Tracy and the viniyoga approach are so accessible that I can’t imagine anyone NOT benefiting from this training. Krishnamacharya [one of the original founders of this approach] would be pleased."


"This has been the best experience for me. I love not only learning about Viniyoga, but it has definitely opened new doors in other aspects of my life. I am beginning to explore things about myself as a person, not only physically, but mentally."


Meet Our Current & Prior Students

200-hour class 1, graduated September 2004

200-hour class 2, graduated September 2005

200-hour class 3, graduated May 2006

200-hour class 4, graduated October 2006

200-hour class 5, graduated October 2007

200-hour class 6, graduated November 2009

200-hour class 7, graduated August 2010

200-hour class 8, graduated August 2011

200-hour class 9, graduated August 2012

200-hour class 10, graduated July 2013

200-hour class 11, graduated February 2016

200-hour class 12, graduated December 2017

200-hour class 13, graduated December 2018